Sunday, December 22, 2013

Anju Bala Rape and Murder Case : Where is Media ? Where is Law and order ?

Anju Bala Case

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Read the Article in English. Unfortunately there is no coverage in Indian News about this incidents. The media was silent as she was from untouchable category.

“What happened next is the tragic reality of India, where discrimination and impunity are the dominant social practices of the nation’s police,” said Bhajan Singh, director of Organization for Minorities of India, a California-based human rights group. “The young girl Anju was gang-raped and lynched by her kidnappers. Police were summoned and the culprits were easily identified, but police refused to arrest anyone until after villagers first threatened to boycott a local election. Even then, the accused were swiftly shuffled from police custody to judicial custody, guaranteeing an end to investigation of their crime.”

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