Friday, December 20, 2013

Interesting to know this about Preet Bharara

The information about Preet BHarara is provided by Sunil Khobragade (facebbok)

Preet Bharara belongs Democratic Party that is of Barak Obama.he is eyeing on mayoral post of New York city.for this he is going to contest from Manhattan area.If we examin the demographics of this area we will see that there is 65.2% of the population is of White Americans and 25.8% is of Hispanic or Latino origin means Whites but not of American origin. apart from this there are 18.4% Black or African American, 12.0% Asian Manhattan has the second highest percentage of non-Hispanic Whites (48%).from this demographical figures we can learn that he is mostly depend on white voters for his win.among 12.0% Asians and 25.8% Hispanics most of them are illegal immigrants.the bill for regularization of these illegal immigrants is being pushed in American house by Democratic Party but being strongly opposed by Republicans.calculating all this political reasons Preet Bharara wants to gain sympathy from Hispanics and at the same time he wants to appease American whites thats why he targets high profile Asians to prosecute and shows that he is more American than Americo-Asian.after all it is all vote bank politics like India

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